• Please complete as many details as possible to allow us to assist you with applying for a Trademark in Canada, which will afford you protection across Canada for 15-years and can be renewed thereafter. If any fields are left blank we can discuss these with you during our meeting:
  • Are you looking to register a trademark for specific word(s)? If so, please list the words that will be used for the trademark (include the exact spelling and notations you wish to register the trademark with)
  • Does the trademark include a drawing or a picture, and if so, attach a copy or bring it with you to the meeting. If any colours are used, these must be shown also (The drawing or logo can be made part of the trademark application, or it can be used to illustrate how the words will be used in conjunction with the trademark.)
  • Please provide an accurate description of the goods or services and keep the description specific and detailed - e.g. Videotapes, TV, etc instead of “electronic items.”
  • I understand that this document has been developed for the purpose of organizing the information necessary for my matter. I understand that by filling out this form I have not retained your services until a specific Retainer Agreement is entered into outlining the scope of legal services to be provided.
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