Business Law

Heydarian Law is dedicated to helping small businesses.  We know that when you are starting a new company, or running one on your own, expenses can be high while the budget is low. Getting legal advice is often last on the priority list.

Instead of paying high hourly rates at big firms, many business owners choose to forego legal advice altogether and tackle the minefield of incorporation, contracts and other legal matters on their own.  Well, we think there should be a middle ground, and that’s who we aim to be.

We want to make things easy for you.  We know that as a business owner, you probably handle every aspect of your business and we want to help you continue to do that.  So we draft contracts that you can not only understand, but also explain to your clients. We can advise you on almost all aspects of your business, from start-up to selling your business and everything in between.  And if we don’t know, we’ll do our best to find out or refer you to someone that does.

Trademark Law

Trademark rights in Canada can be either registered or unregistered. However, in order to enforce your rights to a certain mark you must be able to prove that the mark can be used to distinguish your wares & services from others.

In order to ensure that your rights in a mark are protected, we always recommend registering a trademark so that you may benefit from the following:

  • An exclusive right to use the mark throughout Canada for 15 years as protected by the Trademarks Act
  • Preventing others from benefiting from the reputation and goodwill you have established in the mark
  • Preventing others from using a confusingly similar mark
  • International registration of the mark
  • We can also assist you with defending against a claim for trademark infringement
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