Incorporation intake form

  • Proposed Name of the Corporation
    Please suggest alternative names in order of priority so that if the particular name you have in mind is not acceptable, other names can be used. Name approval by the ministry is no longer required and the onus is on you to ensure that no one else is using the same or similar name in the market place. (Where a style name is going to be used, a separate style name registration will be required.)
  • Ontario or Federal Corporation
    Whether the corporation is to be formed under the laws of the Province of Ontario or under the laws of Canada, if you plan to maintain offices in other provinces, then a federal corporation may be desirable. In most cases, an Ontario Corporation will be adequate.
  • Head Office Address
    The head office should usually be the principal place of business of the company. You can also use your home address provided that municipal regulations on use of home property for commercial or industrial use are not breached.
  • If you wish to have a range in the number of directors please indicate the following
  • we suggest 10
  • we suggest 1
  • Number you want
  • Officers Please state the names of the persons who will be occupying the following positions.
  • The 1982 Business Corporations Act allows a unanimous shareholders’ agreement (USA) to be prepared among all the shareholders of a corporation to limit the powers, liabilities, and duties of directors and instead transfer additional authority to the shareholders. We can prepare this agreement for you at an additional cost if you so desire.
  • The 1982 Business Corporations Act allows an unlimited amount of authorized capital. In a small company, authorized capital has no real significance. A limited authorized capital is desirable usually in companies designed for estate planning purposes. We recommend unlimited authorized capital for most companies. Please indicate:
  • Issued Capital
    It is the proportion more than the number of common shares issued which affects the control and profit-sharing in the corporation. More than 50% if the shares give control to the party holding the shares. Please state the number and proportion of shares to be given to the respective shareholders.
  • Under the 1982 Act, it is no longer necessary to state the specific objects. If you wish to limit the activities, which the corporation may carry on, please state. We recommend unlimited objects.
  • Bank
    Provide the name and address of the bank where you wish to maintain an account for the corporation. The bank should be advised that a corporate seal is no longer required.
  • Signing Officers
    Name of the person or persons or officers who will have signing authority for cheques. You should set up this arrangement directly with the bank. Please advise for our records:
  • Auditor/Accountant
    Please state the name of your accountant and his full address and phone number. You can minimize the cost of an audit if all shareholders consent in writing. If you do not wish to have an auditor, please state. We recommend that if you do not have an auditor that you still have an accountant.
  • Fiscal Year End
    The financial year-end of the corporation. If you have an auditor or an accountant, he will advise you on the financial year-end. You will receive a notice from Revenue Canada after incorporation asking for the fiscal year end. Please ask your accountant or auditor to complete it and send it to Revenue Canada. If you do not decide, it will be presumed to be the anniversary of the date of incorporation.
  • Sale of Assets Agreement
    If you have been carrying on business prior to the incorporation, the business and its assets must be sold to the corporation. Please advise if you want us to prepare an agreement for the sale of your assets to the corporation. Your accountant should complete within 6 months the election forms for Revenue Canada.
  • I understand that this document has been developed for the purpose of organizing the information necessary for my matter. I understand that by filling out this form I have not retained your services until a specific Retainer Agreement is entered into outlining the scope of legal services to be provided.
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